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Fashion is a big deal to me. A great pair of yoga leggings can inspire my practice tremendously. Great style also gets me excited to get up and get dressed which, let’s be honest, is the hardest part of the day for me! I hate clothes, I hate having to match and find things that look nice but also feel nice.

Unless you find those perfect pair of pants (I have about 8 perfects). Then you get excited to get up early, get pumped after you put them on and have an awesome workout. Forlegs Activewear has designed leggings that are great for working out and going out, but probably not in that order. They have fun colors, different textures and of course, the in-style mesh! But the fit is what’s really amazing. Somehow these pants manage to smooth everything out and yet not feel suffocating.


Forlegs Activewear by Save Serenity

I’ve washed and worn these pants a dozen times already and they hold up to my abuse very well. I always expect my pants to change after washes and uses and a lot do, it gets you disappointed with company and no one needs that negative energy. I really look forward to trying out their high-waisted leggings in the future. The comfort of my Forlegs are amazing so I know it would probably be the most comfortable high-waisted leggings I could own.


Forlegs Activewear by Save Serenity

Forlegs Activewear originates in Brazil so that’s where the fun styles come from. Lucky for us they expanded to Miami so the US could grab the awesome styles too. They come in Printed, Fashion Forward, Solids and High Waisted and at the moment you can get 20% off your first order using the code CUTTHETAPE. 

I have gotten so many compliments every time I wear my Forlegs leggings! Make sure to grab some before they’re gone! It’s likely you won’t find these styles sold anywhere else!


Post by Amanda Cordaro from Save Serenity




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