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Why I love Forlegs Active Wear Leggings

I’m always searching for a new and unique pair of leggings. And u know what…. I think I found them!

There’s one thing you should know about me… and that is I work out. Not just once or twice a week. No, I workout almost every day. Why??? (you probably think to yourself) Well, I’m preparing myself for my first bikini fitness competition ever. Jeeej, I love to workout and actually have a goal: the 'SapCup'. The 'SapCup' is the biggest fitness en bodybuilding event from the Western Europe. The Sap-cup is big, so that’s why I have to work out every day. Now you know…


Every day @ the gym and a closet full of leggings…

So I need leggings. All sorts of leggings… capris and shorts. Working out is the best excuse ever for shopping ladies!! You simply need it!

When I finished my training, had my shower, I open my closet and choose another pair of leggings and wear these for the rest of the day. They’re just so comfortable and stretchy. I feel great in them.


Multifunctional leggings

I choose my leggings carefully. For me they’re not for training only. I go shopping or go out in a pair of leggings. I want unique leggings, and I found them at Forlegs Activewear. I think they’re all beautiful and unique. And this time I picked the shiny black one. It’s the perfect legging to wear to the gym and even to wear on a date. I know your date will love this one ;)


How to combine

It’s easy!! For the gym almost every sports bra or tank top will do. And for a night out, wear a beautiful golden spaghetti strap top like me on the picture. Do you like this combination?

Or maybe a black top with a nice knitted vest and sneakers. The combinations with these shiny & black legging are endless…

Which leggings will be my next purchase? ;)


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